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Our Newest Service: Virus Scanning Reverse Proxy Server
12/9/2020 - Katherine Coyle

We are excited to announce the introduction of our newest service, the Virus Scanning Reverse Proxy Server. This feature can be used to automatically protect any web application or API from viruses and malware, with no code changes.

Scan and Block Malware

Stop malware uploads before they reach your server, and protect against viruses in base-64 binary data in JSON and XML APIs.

Wide Protection with No Code Changes

With a single deployment and easy management, you can utilize virus and malware protection across all your applications with no need for code changes.

Advanced Protection and Mission Critical Performance

With advanced virus scanning capabilities, this feature can scan for over 17 million virus and malware signatures, provide 360-degree content verification, and ensure multi-factor threat analysis. All of this will be partnered with high availability, disaster recovery, and multi-node and multi-datacenter region deployments to ensure mission critical infrastructure and performance.

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