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JSON Insecure Deserialization API Spotlight
5/4/2022 - Brian O'Neill

Content Security APIs

What is JSON Insecure Deserialization?

Better known as a “JID Attack” in short form, JSON Insecure Deserialization is a form of cyber-attack in which data, controlled by a malicious user, is deserialized by a website.

Serialization refers to the course of turning complex data structures into a format that can be exchanged as a stream of sequential bytes, and Deserialization refers to the process of turning that byte stream back into a replicated version of the original object (same state as when the original data was serialized) so that the website can interact with it.

When this serialization process is manipulated successfully by an attacker, a major vulnerability has been exposed. The attacker can now sneak harmful data into your application’s code, causing all kinds of problems.

JSON Insecure Deserialization Detection API

If there’s a JSON Insecure Deserialization attempt hiding in suspicious text input, the JID Detection API will know all about it.

When that text input is provided, the JID Detection API responds in seconds by determining first if the operation was successful (providing a true or false value). If true, the following response will indicate whether the text input contained a JID attack (again providing a true or false value).

Cloudmersive Content Threat Detection

It doesn’t stop with just JSON Insecure Deserialization attacks – there are several other forms of text threats that can cause immense harm to your applications. Cloudmersive has you covered with APIs detecting SQL Injection Attacks, Cross-Site Scripting Attacks and XML External Entity Attacks.

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