Data Validation APIs

Validate key business data thoroughly.

Email Address Validation

Validate whether an email is real when you accept it.

Phone Number Validation

Validate and retrieve information for any phone number.

Street Address Validation

Validate a street address, with full support for international addresses.

VAT Number Validation

Validate and retrieve information for a VAT number or code.

Domain Name Validation

Validate and retrieve WHOIS information for a domain name.

Name Validation

Validate and extract information from names or code identifiers.

IP Address Validation

Validate and retrieve key details about IP addresses, including geolocation.

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Email Validation

High fidelity email verification at the source - no more bounced emails.

Email Address:

Email Valid?


Mail Server

Valid Syntax?


Valid Domain?


Valid Mailbox?


Is Catch-All?


Free Provider?


Is Disposable?


Phone Validation

Validate and parse global phone numbers.

Phone Number:

Phone Valid?


Phone Type





+1 800-463-3339

National Format

(800) 463-3339

Country Code


Country Name

United States

VAT Validation

High quality and up-to-date European Union VAT number validation and business data sourced from European Commission databases.

VAT Number:

VAT Valid?


Country Code


VAT Number



K+K Hotel s.r.o.


Ve Smečkách 596/30 PRAHA 1 - NOVÉ MĚSTO 110 00 PRAHA 1

Cloudmersive APIs power over 1,000 of the world's smartest businesses, including:


Email Validation

High-accuracy, real-time verification of whether email addresses exist.
Free webmail account detection.
Disposable account detection.
Catchall detection for domains which accept all incoming mail.
Global points-of-presence in 8 locations around the world perform verification.

Verify Email Addresses

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Phone Validation

Validate phone numbers for verification.
Phone number type detection.
Parse and standardize input numbers into a common format.
International number support.

Verify Phone Numbers

VAT Number Validation

Validate EU VAT numbers for verification.
Business information, including address, returned for each VAT number.
Real-time performance and response times.

Verify VAT Numbers

Great Documentation and Client Libraries

C# / .NET / .NET Core, Java, Node.JS, Python, PHP, Ruby, Objective-C, Drupal client libraries available.
Full documentation
Swagger/OpenAPI specifications

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Satisfied Customers

Our customers upload millions of resumes and documents to our website every year, so the virus scanning capabilities have played a crucial role in protecting both our clients and writing experts from potentially harmful content.

-Alex Palma, SVP Product Management

We been using it to validate our users details in Dynamics leveraging PowerAutomate. As we are currently migrating between two systems, the validation services have allowed us to simplify the synchronization process and ensure better quality of data to enable continued care for our users.

-Thomas Pike, ICT Manager

Cloudmersive has become our strategic partner in full life cycle document processing, from create and capture, to OCR, to virus and sensitive content scanning, to report generation. This has really taken our business results to the next level, reducing costs and streamlining our systems. We have also really appreciated top-notch support.

-J. Li, Director of Operations

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Flexible Deployment

Use Cloudmersive APIs from the cloud, or deploy Cloudmersive APIs to the edge, a private cloud, your on-premise data center, or a custom public cloud instance when needed to enable key scenarios for latency, compliance, security and control.

Public Cloud Leverage multi-tenant public cloud

Managed Instance Leverage dedicated managed infrastructure with SLAs and customizeable deployment and security

Private Cloud Deploy on-premises or in a cloud of your choice

Government Cloud Deploy in a government cloud region

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800 free API calls/month, with no expiration

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