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Introducing our Address Validation APIs!
9/25/2020 - Katherine Coyle

At Cloudmersive we are working constantly to increase your business capabilities through advanced, class-leading API technology. Because of that, we are always looking for new ways to add to our extensive library of APIs. Thus, we are excited to introduce our new, secure Address Validation APIs! These functions are available in our API Console now, so go take a look and check out all of their new capabilities.

Parse Addresses

You can now input unstructured text strings and our function will use Natural Language Processing (NLP) to return a formatted address with support for international and other formatting norms.

Validate Address Information

If you need to extract specific data from an input address, our APIs will parse and give select output on:

  • Street Address

  • City

  • State

  • Postal code

  • Country

  • Regional Information

This capability has support for all major international addresses and will return the latitude and longitude of the location.

Populate a List of Countries

Our Country List API will now allow you to enumerate a list of ISO 3166-1 countries including country codes, currency, region, and EU Membership.

Check European Union Membership

For those who do business internationally, we now have a function specifically for validating EU membership for an input address. This will aid in following GDPR and other EU specific regulations and cut down on hassle during international transactions.

Retrieve Currency, Region, and Time Zone Information

If you are solely looking for regional data from an address, a few of our new APIs will extract currency, continent, and time zone data directly to cut down on time and improve your workflow.

Make sure to keep an eye out for our next update so that you can stay at the cutting-edge of the API world. If you’d like to learn more about our constantly updating library of APIs, you can contact our team of experts, who are always happy to help!

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