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Our Newest Service - Currency and Exchange Rate APIs
9/21/2020 - Katherine Coyle

Here at Cloudmersive, we aim to offer you class-leading, enterprise-grade solutions with our secure APIs. With that in mind, we are excited to announce some of our newest API offerings (available now!), Currency APIs! Within this category, we are introducing three different APIs that will enable you to easily convert prices and track and display current exchange rate data.

Convert Prices Between 30+ Currencies

This API will allow you to convert prices between international currencies automatically at your Point of Sale. Along with the price conversion, this process will return the appropriate currency symbol and ISO currency code.

Exchange Rate Data

Within this category, we have two APIs that will provide you with constantly updating exchange rate data. The first will populate a list of all available currencies along with their currency symbol, country of origin, and EU membership status, while the second will specify the exchange rates between specific source and destination currencies.

With these top-of-the-line API solutions, you can upgrade your online commerce operations and improve your productivity in an instant! For inquests concerning this or one of our many other APIs, you can contact our Cloudmersive team for help.

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